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Anchovy Fillets Diforti 245g
Seafood Salad 245 Diforti
Stuffed Squids 245g Diforti
Antipasto Olives Diforti 160gAntipasto Olives Diforti 160g
Artichoke Hearts Diforti 160g
Mini Gherkins Diforti 160g
Basil pesto Diforti 160g
Red Pesto Diforti 160g
Black Tapenade Diforti 160g
Sundried Tomatoes Diforti 160gSundried Tomatoes Diforti 160g
Green Tapenade Diforti 160g
Italian Mixed Olives Diforti 160g
Gnocchi Ricotta and Spinach 350g
Ravioli Truffle 250g
Ravioli Spinach and Ricotta 250g
Ravioli Mushroom 250g
Ravioli Pumkin 250g
Ravioli Parma Ham 250g
Fondue Original 400g
Mozzarella 125g