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Semi Skimmed Milk 1L
Whole Milk 1L
Semi Skimmed Milk Pint
Whole Milk Pint
Free Range Eggs x6
Chef Panna 200ml
Ricotta 250g
Ricotta 250g
Mascarpone 250g
Black Truffle Butter 100g
White Truffle Butter 100g
President Butter salted 250g
President Butter unsalted 250g
La Laitiere Plain Yoghurt x4
La Laitiere Vanilla Yoghurt x4
Danone Veloute Plain x4
Andros Apple and Pear Compote x4
Andros Apple and Chestnut Compote x4
Andros Apple and Raspberry Compote x4
Andros Apricot Compote x4
Andros Apple Compote x4
Dark Chocolate Danette Yoghurt x4
Pistachio Danette Yoghurt x4
Vanilla Danette Yoghurt x4
Chocolate Danette Yoghurt x4